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Yenny Cocq

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My artistic expression and challenge is to refine the human figure to basic and almost geometric forms. I love to use simple body postures and language to portray an emotional idea or story. My romantic couples express all the romantic or loving longings with their unique body language.  Together they display an emergent emotional expression. With simple lines and planes I work to capture the essence of these gestures. The couples and families are separate individuals but bound in non-verbal communication. It is my hope that viewers feel their own experiences, perceptions and passions reflected in my sculptures.

About My Sculptures

Bronze is a wonderful metal. I love the weight and luster after it is polished. My original designs are created in clay and wax. After a mold is taken from my clay original and the wax is reworked my larger works are shell cast at a fine art foundry. The small sculptures are small enough to be investment cast, the same way precious metal jewelry is made. I receive the raw bronze figures in various sizes from the caster, finish the metal work, and apply the patina in my studio. Then I can mount the couples and families on a base of natural stone that I source locally in New Mexico. The stone bases are cut to size, kept rustic in appearance or polished. They work great in combination with the smooth bronze and enhance one another.

The bronze figurines express themes of romantic love, marriage, family, relationships, togetherness, tradition, warmth, and commitment, and are especially popular as bronze 8th anniversary gifts and collectible metal sculpture. Additionally, the handsome modern and rustic rugged style makes these statuettes popular gifts for husbands and partners. These finely crafted metal art works are represented in galleries internationally, from Santa Fe and Denver, to Belgium and France, as well as many reputable online destinations.

These sculptures make excellent engagement, wedding, and anniversary gifts, and can be displayed as cake toppers, custom family portraits, and cast bronze works of art for home decor, outdoors and gardens. All sculptures are designed and produced in Santa Fe, New Mexico by artist Yenny Cocq.

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