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May, 2021 | By Ralwins Art Gallery
Artworks by (top) Patricia Vesga and (bottom) Matt Small.


The Artist Eyes Mural Project is protest art in sync with the present events, inspired by Holland Cotter’s article in The New York Times on April 4, 2019.

We welcome artists from all over the world to protest the way they know best, through ART. We artists are talking among our friends, family and some on social media. We isolate and hide in the studio pretending we don’t care what’s happening around us, in our community, with humanity, in the world! But we do care, some of us just forgot that our talent allows us to express beautifully to share with others. We forgot that is not only the technique, the style, the quality, the composition, the colors, the presentation, the medium, the size, it is also about the content, the message. And that is what The Artist's Eyes Mural Project is about, the artist’s soul, the artist’s voice of what is happening to humanity, what is happening around us, what is happening in the world now, in the present, not 100 years ago or 20 year ago, but now. Artists, let art be our picket sign, let’s get loud, let’s get involved, let’s contribute to society, be truthful and communicate the way we know how by, painting, drawing, sculpting, photographing, etc.


Where could we get a large appreciative audience for our protest? That is exactly what we are offering you, a great exposure opportunity to speak up with your art.  The Mural will be featured at well attended contemporary art fairs. We encourage artists to join us to make this project a huge, loud protest where thousands of visitors will be drawn to engage and relate. Your submission will be one (1) unframed artwork measuring 12” wide x 12” height x choice of depth not exceeding 8”. The cost to be part of this great project is $250 USD per submission/ art fair. Artwork must be able to hang on the wall without exceeding the given dimension and suitable for audience of all ages. All applicants must submit their art portfolio to  This entry is solely for dedicated artists in any disciplines either international or national and age 18 and plus. A certificate of participation will be issued.


The 5 in 1 benefits are:

1.   To express protest the best way artist know how to, creating ART.

2.   Gain artistic exposure in well-attended art fairs.

3.    The opportunity to sell your artwork as an individual or as group (mural).

4.    Last, but not least, is the opportunity to be part of a pro-active project that speaks to the humanity  while enriching your curriculum.


Our goals are:

1.    To reinvigorate art creation.

2.    To contribute with affordable and positive exposure opportunity and curriculum.

3.    To be part of the new art role online with a great project.

4.    To launch a creative response to current crisis.



Like Hollard Cotters wrote in his article, “The art of protest comes in many forms, and there’s every reason for it today to keep coming”. Be pro-active and join us!


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

20211130_155739 (1).jpg
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