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Handcrafted by Haitian children to support their community. Help "The Kay Project" build a library and arts center where these kids can feel safe surrounded by an environment full of learning experiences. If we empower their creativity and make knowledge accessible, these kids will become a valuable part of the development and progress of Ile a Vache, a wonderful but impoverished island in Haiti.

They are surrounded by needs and poverty, however we easily discovered their creativity, love for nature and happiness.
Garlands with one (1) bird cost $25

Garlands with two (2) birds cost $35

Garlands with three (3) birds cost $40

Garlands with four (4) birds cost $50

We have them in yellow, blue, red, salmon, green, and purple.

Papier Mache Birds Garland

$25.00 Regular Price
$18.75Sale Price