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R.A.G. and "Art Miami Week" 2020

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

The Ralwins Art Gallery (R.A.G.) exhibits, which has taken place in New York and Miami for over 6 years, is known as a showcase for international contemporary art (mostly from Latin America). Due to the new evolution cause by the COVID-19 pandemic, R.A.G. has taken the best possible step for Miami Art Week 2020 to benefit participating artists by joining Red Dot Miami this December. Red Dot, along with its sister Spectrum, takes place in the heart of Miami art district, Wynwood, and has a proven attendance of visitors, and a large cumulative sales. In December 2 – 6, 2020, we will have the honor of participating in the Red Dot Miami art fair. This year the Exhibitor Sales and Relations team consist of Erika Duran and Juan Carlos Cepeda, Operations by David Theiss and as always, I'm the Director, Yorka Ralwins.

Artwork by Rigo Peralta

R.A.G. NYC spring exhibit, just as Covid-19 was beginning to alter our everyday lives. Did you notice this having an impact on fairs and exhibits?

Every fair, every gallery, has felt the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic since New York during Armory week in March. Where despite the lower attendance, some manage to have a very successful opening day while others were canceled, like R.A.G. exhibit in Tribeca, and/or rescheduled.

We are being proactive now to generate sale opportunities for our exhibitors with the May launch of, our eCommerce site with augmented features and prints on demand to entice and facilitate the process of purchasing. These online platforms that we will present our collectors with the opportunity to explore and purchase artworks from R.A.G. exhibitors remotely, with the augmented feature to preview the artwork in their own space prior to purchasing, which can be easily accessed by computer or mobile phone, plus the Red Dot online store platform will certainly bust the selling of original artworks.

Artwork by Monique Ortiz Monasterio

Galleries may have suffered from the Covid situation. Are you considering introducing any changes to the art fair INSPIRE-Miami?

We have been pleasantly surprised to see the steady number of applications inquires coming in through our website on a weekly basis. While we have not been reaching out to discuss the upcoming Miami Art Week, we are impressed by the number of dedicated artists who, just like us, are optimistic and excited about this next edition.

We recognize that Covid-19 has put financial constraints on many of our regular participants. In order to ease the financial commitment of an art fair, we are proud to announce the addition of The Eyes Mural Project which helps younger/ less financially stable artists in our exhibit.

Importantly, we understand that the cost of an exhibition booth at an art show is only part of the cost of participation. R.A.G. has joined Red Dot Miami to ensure the investment will be worth it and they will have a larger audience than INSPIRE can offer during these difficult times. Red Dot and its sister Spectrum have adjusted, made improvements and they share our visions and it only seems logical to join them for the best opportunity to a successful show during Miami Art Week 2020. There is not time for R.A.G. to produce INSPIRE 2020, but Red Dot has a huge team, more year of hands on experience and successful events and has already secured favorable deals for clients and collectors with Airlines, Hotels, and Logistics Companies.

Artist "Masare" creating one of his masterpieces.

Are you confident that the Miami show will go ahead in December?

R.A.G. is currently planning full steam ahead for the upcoming Miami Art Week 2020 edition joining the Red Dot Miami in Wynwood. With that said, YES! We are confident that the Miami show will go ahead in December. We will have an amazing show with all the efforts that the Ralwins LLC and Redwood Art Group are doing, there is a huge expectation of presenting an amazing show.

By joining the Red Dot family, we do what is best for our exhibitors, and Red Dot is what's best. Joining forces is not failing, but a step to success and a business strategy that mostly benefit the our exhibitors.

Artwork by Walter Valcano (airbrush painting)

Do you expect as many international collectors as usual, or do you think the fair will be more local?

I think that it is inevitable that this upcoming Miami Art Week may see a slight downturn in international visitors. However, we are optimistic that people (after such a long quarantine) will take advantage of the opportunity to travel to the beautiful beaches of Miami for the most significant art week in the world. Plus we are confident that through our and Red Dot online platform, we will build sales momentum for our family of exhibitors, with a bulls eye aim for the end of the year celebration that is R.A.G. 2020 at Red Dot Miami!

Artwork by VANGO (Raul Carrillo)

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