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My work was conceived since the beginning of my life; I’ve painted since I was born. Throughout different stages of my life I’ve had concerns. When I graduated from the Academy of Art in Havana, Cuba, my thematic was urban landscape. Colonial houses, buildings, balconies, arches and everything that had to do with the architecture of other centuries. Havana is a place where this history is recreated. Its houses, lining the shore, are bathed by a certain warm and fresh breeze at the same.
As time went by, I felt the need to change my art and started to look for my own language, within the human figure, dreams and reality mix within themselves, always accompanied by anglels that surround us. They participate in my work, giving it life along with the human figure. I bring to life that human figure, always representing it with more than two eyes.

I like what you cannot see but know that exists. There are powers that we feel within or outside of ourselves that I try to express.

Some say it’s the other “Me” • My angels • My spirit • My soul

It’s all that and more.

It’s a revolution within that doesn’t stop until the need to express myself is fed.
Technically I work with different materials mixed to emphasize certain parts, giving them more focus or to create tension, lights and shadows within the color. Despite the fact that my paintings are elaborated with a lot of color, they don’t bother you visually. I think it’s because of the way I work the color in, it’s intuitive, and it’s also pure feeling which I can’t explain because everything develops while I work, the art speaks to me and I respond. It’s a dialogue of two.

Because of this color, the Italian journalist, Vera Meneguzzo, baptized me with the title, “Odilia Mezquía, the empire of color”.

Some of my work is made to extend it’s borders. Figures go beyond as if they want to participate with the spectator- a hand, a leg- even the angel wings so that they get rid of the frame that encloses them. It’s a union of painting and sculpture.

Symbols in my work:


Since I was little, I would sit by the window, visualizing my life as an artist, time passed and I stayed by the window of my childhood and that’s where I began my first pieces of art.
More than that, though, the window means light to me. It’s a space that opens to the outer world, the windows of my eyes connect with the windows of my soul and my house.


Three or more eyes always figure in my work. They represent the “other me”, the person we all have inside.


The apple is love.

Odilia Mezquia

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