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David Aquino

"I am an open book with many blank pages that can only be filled by my art and the revelation of God. I am a story that doesn't have a specific point to end. I am a story not yet told that will echo into eternity. I search in my brushes, canvas and colors for the general meaning of creation, and I have been able to find my search through art. The wood and marble are elements, that while I sculpt, I feel I can step into direct contact with nature. Sometimes I think that it is my sculptures that give form to my thoughts and not me to them. I use the camera lens to capture the beauty of my environment. Through photography, I confirm what has already been seen by the Quasi-divine eye given by God to transcend the vision to something permanent and not erasable. That is why my ideas and thoughts always go hand in hand with my visions. My creations and ideas flow from my subconscious. Through my art, I intend to create a universe of colors where what is infinite does not exist! I think an artist is born an artist and dies an artist."

MEDIUMS: Painting | Sculpting | Photography | Poetry


When you sleep, all you do is dream. When you stay awake, you make those dreams come to life!

- David Aquino Sanchez 


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