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Renaissance Noire, hommage a Toussai

Renaissance Noire, hommage a Toussai

Black Revival, ribute to Toussaint Louverture | Oil on canvas | 39.4 x 20 inches | 2002 Published in L'ArtVue 2006



Peace | Oil on canvas | 24 x 19.7 inches

Obscur Objet de Desir

Obscur Objet de Desir

Dark Object of Desire | Oil on canvas | 32 x 21 inches | 2001 Published in Salon des Artistes Francais Catalogue, Univers de Arts, Paris 2002



Joy | Oil on canva | 24 x 19.7 inches

Suite Flamenca en Chute

Suite Flamenca en Chute

Flamenco's Suites' Falling | Oil on canvas | 32 x 11.8 inches | 2002 Published in L'ArtVue 2006

Corinne Medina Saludo

Critic no.1

Corinne Medina-Saludo's works offer the vision of bodies freed from the gravity, from the gravity.

The physiological poverty seems to free itself from heavinesses, from difficulties of the life which fill the spirits and anihilent the wills. The pictorial technique, quite printed by fluidity, reports death states of grace, of serenity, where the will, the courage, the intelligence, seem to find all their trâce in men's universe. 
The universe where move the creatures of CMS is the one of the air and the fire, the intermediate world, the more than the dream, the less where a reality. A sacred place, lifted by a divine breath which gives its colors ... Air, bright, scenes and personnges irradiate, rayonnantsd' a contagious and just plenitude.

Yvon Birster (for  L’Art Aujourd'hui,  Paris, november 2003)

Critic no.2

" All life is a movement " explained (expressed) Leonardo Da Vinci about 500 years ago and formulates the paradigm of the art of the French artist Corine Medina-Saludo. 

" Figuration kinestésique " calls the mechanics of bodies - namely in this case from human bodies - which are accelerated under effect by forces. Medina Saludo produces figures, more exactly said their(her) space(area), time and strained relations.

On some screens(canvases) the figures are just defined by faces, formulated dresses and athletic positions. They have advanced on the most front image plane and establish a kind of body architecture which stays the space(area). The motive of the dance, Medina Saludos art dominant, is by the is by the dance-like poses enormously.

But for the artist dance and movement are more than one postures. Their(her) sound, rhythm and harmony means dance. She(it) works a body language in which abstracts the human bodies, to nouns, verbs and adjectives can become, which and the space(area) durchdeklinieren and durchkonjugieren. 

Invisible energy seems to accelerate the figures, in a mess zuwirbeln or gently bring to the floating to. Noticeably this energy will strike by the audible colors which are full either before force or delicate sounds.


Our face sense is demanded directly and at the same moment the sense of balance which reacts to rhythm is excited a little bit, without he(it) would be irritated directly. A phenomenon which was to be met, otherwise, only in the Orphismus, the lyric abstraction last century. This synästhetische phenomenon puts the famous artist completely in the big tradition of the classic modern age.

All life is a movement " and for the artist this life is fulfilled from fed, always to harmonious, experience of life - joyfully, melancholically, but always optimistically and always humanly. "

Eva Muller, international kind(way) of Critic

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