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Carlos Ernesto Alfonso Valdes

Carlos Ernesto Alfonso Valdes

"I love  art, I don't  paint because I like it, I paint because I feel it”

My art is simple and sincere. I  paint people and life of my race, Cubans.

“I love Art!”

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About Carlos Ernesto Alfonso Valdes

Carlos Ernesto Alfonso Valdes  -1988

A self-taught artist born in  Havana, Cuba, in March 1988. I love art since I was a child,  leaning  more  towards  music and discovering painting.


Carlos Alfonso.


-Personal exhibitions

-2017 Personal  exhibition "Humans in 3D"  at the center for plastic arts and design, Luz y Oficio Habana, Cuba.

-2017 Collective exhibition   "Los  Muchos"  in the gallery of  Cubaneo  Arte, Havana, Cuba.

-2016 Collective exhibition  "illusions"  Galeria  El Apartamento,  Havana, Cuba.

-2016 Collective exhibition   "Para  Que", house of culture of  Batabano, Mayabeque, Cuba.

-2016 Personal exhibition   "What    Yogurt Says" in A Que Nos  Estudio, Havana,Cuba. 

-2015 Collective  exhibition  "Perro que Ladra" at the development center De Las Artes Visuales  Habana, Cuba

-2018 Collective exhibition in  gallery  art-house  NYC In New York

-2018 Collective exhibition at the  art-house  NYC gallery in NY

-2018Participationin Miami Red Dot art fair with  Karyn  Mannix  Contemporary gallery

2019-Exposición personal en galería La Moderna, Habana, Cuba

On Exhibit Now

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