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Camilo Pinto

From the series "Anonymous Reflections"

Starting from the most intimate. From my painting workshop, full of colors, pigments, spatulas, brushes and multiple scents, I began to create my series "Reflejos" where the woman is the protagonist, as she has been throughout my career as an artist. In my pictorial works, the feminine gender emerges as an icon of sensuality, a sacred and aesthetic object.

 Plasmated on wood or canvases and using various materials such as resins, metals, acrylics and paper, "Anonymous" beings emerge, imaginary portraits that perhaps are unconsciously inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque portraits that roam my imagination. Women of unreal beauty and lost looks in unusual spaces and great exotic colors; with an important load of textures, gestures and color mixing. Color created "in situ" mixing beeswax, turpentine, linseed oil, varnishes and pigments, giving rise to a very careful technique, the result of my constant works in the search for new plastic expressions.

 Without much pretension I approach this subject with passion, looking for the thread through a subtle reflection, to create a certain aesthetic reading when appreciating each work.

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