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Paintings for the Future

First major solo exhibition offers historic look at Lois E. Theiss artistic achievements.

Ralwins Art Gallery
23 E. Oglethorpe Street
Ellaville, Georgia 31806

March 12 through April 9, 2020
6:00 - 9:00 pm

Ellaville, GA – March 12 through April 9, Ralwins Art Gallery presents the first major solo exhibition of the local artist Lois E. Theiss (1946 – 2019). Lois drew several recognizable iconic buildings most of which she did in pencil on paper. She didn’t consider herself an artist, but rather a copier, and that could have been true if that was all she did. Her drawings were just what got her known in her community and surrounding areas. She was an artist by all means; mastering all mediums from oil and acrylic to crayons. Lois was a classical Georgia artist who was well solicited for commission work. She had an incredible body of objective and stunning paintings, that tell the story of her devotion. “Paintings for the Future” offers an opportunity to experience Lois’ artistic achievements in her hometown art gallery. Curated by Yorka Ralwins, the gallery’s director, with the assistance of Jose Salgado, the gallery’s curator, and organized with the cooperation of her husband and ex-mayor of their hometown, David Theiss, by releasing her original works and revealing the last 45 years of Lois, the artist. Lois wanted for everyone to have one of her pieces and to accomplish that she sold them at real bargain prices; even her commission jobs were super reduced. David wants to honor her wishes by making her prints accessible to everyone during this exhibition by freezing her prices on most prints.


Available at the exhibition:

  • Exhibition printed catalog

  • Post cards

  • Note cards

  • Prints (signed and non-signed)

  • Memorabilia


NEW YORK Gallery exhibits

Artists are invited to submit applications to display artworks in any medium at the Gallery's five-days exhibit in New York City. Applications will be screened and  considered for this group exhibit, although  solo show may be offered upon request.

The Gallery will handle publicity, regular open hours and opening reception. NYC audience is vibrant, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated.

To be consider, please submit your registration for curatorial process.

Questions? Please contact us.


Registration is now open!

To register for INSPIRE-Miami 2020, please click here. Registration can only be completed online. Please direct any other inquiries to gallery. The registration process can take up to 2 weeks for curatorial panel determination.  Registration must be submitted with the $50 not refundable  fee to be processed and will closed when all spaces are sold.


Five-days Art Fair for Independent Artists during Art Basel –Miami week, December 2—6, 2020

Our Package

Wall space will be charged accordingly at a rate of $45 per square feet and it includes the following:

·  48 , 60 and 100 sq./ft. wall space to chose from and 16 sq./ft. of floor space for sculptures

· 10 VIP Pass  for the VIP Preview on 12/02

·  5 VIP Pass for the VIP Art Networking Breakfast on 12/06

·  Online presence at

·  Social Media Exposure

·  Lighting

·  Program Listing

·  Printed and virtual catalogue

·  Wall signage

·  0% commission


Paintings | Sculptures| Installations | Art Videos | Mixed Media | Light Art | Comic | Drawings | Collages | Digital Arts | Graphic Arts.

We accept quality, original artworks in the form of:

* Aesthetic quality of work submitted

* Technic execution

* Creativity

* Concept

* Quality

Our judges will evaluate the artworks based on the following:

Accepting Submissions Now!


ArtBasel - Miami week


Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

-Leo Burnett

"Tiny Art" exhibit


Public  Reception

Friday, October 9th from  6:00 - 8:00 pm

"TINY ART" is small artwork in two or three dimensions measuring no larger than 10 by 10 inches, challenging artists to focus their ideas by narrowing down the size and scope of the work. One benefit of a theme like this is that the artworks are affordable and make excellent gifts.

Our “Call for Artists” are exhibit of artists working in all mediums. The Gallery welcomes emerging, mid-career, and established artists seeking gallery platform. In addition, we have individual exhibit opportunities, we provide useful guidance, Art Fair and valuable advice to those who join us and want to promote and grow their art career.




"Summer Bright Exhibit"

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Ellaville, GA 31806

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