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Why Us?

You are probably asking yourself, "What are the benefits of exhibiting with Ralwins Art Gallery?" Well, here are some very important benefits:

  1. Each artist's professional profile will have his/her own temporary page in our gallery website featuring statement, biography, exhibit history, awards (if any) and available artwork for purchase.

  2. All artwork will be professionally hung and displayed with lighting, artwork label information and artist's name with country of origin.

  3. We will provide professionally designed printed individual postcards and will use these designs for online and other promotions.

  4. We will handle all sales and payment processing. We will never leave the booth unattended during show hours. We charge 15% COMMISSION on artwork sold during the show, unless other arrangement has been made. We are a knowledgeable bilingual team, whose main goal is to succeed along with the artist.

  5. Your participation includes an optional gallery representation starting right after the show. The gallery will collect commission of 30% to 50% from sales during this period of representation based on mutual agreement. Details will be provided upon request.

  6. No wall space will be reserved or place on hold until a non-refundable 30% deposit has been paid. You will be invoiced via PayPal. Completed payment should be finalized 10 weeks prior to event. Failure to paid by this final date will cause the gallery to give the space to an standby artists able to pay full amount on the following day. 

  7. Please make sure your artworks fits within your space considering the aesthetic of your presentation and considering a reasonable space between your artwork and the artists next to your space. If your artwork is too big or cross over other space or it fits just the entire space without breathing space to separate your artwork from your neighbor's artwork, we will not display your artwork. Is that simple. So please help us avoid such discomfort.

  8. We do our best to get a prime Center Court location as it is a key for sales.

Are you ready to submit your application? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We look forward representing you in our upcoming shows.

Remember, only a 30% deposit will reserve your space!

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