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Artist: Kelvin Hair

Observing art can provide a much needed refuge for reflection, sympathy, quietude, inspiration, and even ecstasy in this increasingly chaotic world. Looking further can deepen our knowledge of diverse cultures and artistic practice. Art can develop and hone observational skills, reveal insights into history, and even encourage creative, analytical, and autonomous thinking. The best way to  learn more about anything is to look closely and ask a lot of questions. Imagine, just for a minute, a world without art! Art stimulates different parts of our brain to make us laugh or incite us to riot, with a whole gamut of emotions in between. Art gives us a way to be creative and express ourselves.

Ralwins Art Gallery is purposed with the recognition and promotion of great artistic talent, creating an awareness of art within the community, art lovers and collectors by showcasing good quality art works and providing a platform for interaction between artists and prospective clients. Our gallery is seriously involved in the promotion of upcoming and emerging artists whose work, along with being of high quality, is affordable and collectible.


Yorka Ralwins

Gallery Director

An entrepreneur visual artist with several managerial years in NYC, founder of "Bunchi's" All About Arts & Crafts in NJ 2001 and "Cultural Souls" Art Fair in FL 2014. Destiny took her to a town in southwest Georgia named Ellaville in Schley County where she had a vision and Ralwins Art Gallery emerged. The friendly, courteous, welcoming that Ellaville presents, is the inspirational atmosphere Mrs. Ralwins had been looking for a long time. Her goal is to enrich the community with an art culture. A humble lady with a heart set in art who loves to guide and enlighten talented souls the only way she knows, through art. Creating the platform needed to be recognized in this venue: through her Gallery, Magazine and Fairs.

Daniela Restrepo Quiceno Pic_edited.jpg
Erika Duran pic_edited.jpg
Yorka A. Ralwins

Marketing & Advertising

Hi, I’m Yorka, graphic obsessed concept nerd owner of Yorka Designs. I specialize in web, logo and print design by offering high quality designs, easy and accessible websites, all with a personal creative flair.  

My designing hobby quickly grew into full-functioning web designs in 2007. While working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising, I took various freelance projects when finally my light bulb moment occurred. Graphic designing was my calling. Since I graduated University in 2010, my creative flair exploded into innovative outcomes.

With my passion and constant desire to challenge myself, I am continuously acquiring new skills and staying up-to-date with all web and graphic-based trends.

Carmen Carle

Senior Social Media Promoter

35 years of experience. Her mission: Event coordinator, general promotion, media, graphics, videos and client's attention. Her slogan, "No preoccupation before and no surprise after." Time, details and dedication.

Carmen Carle has been Mrs. Ralwins right hand in social media promotions since 2014. Her dedication, promptness, and professionalism earned her respect in her craft. She is the right person to spread the gallery's artists in all social media venues.

she has 35 years working with artists of all mediums and all around. Carmen Carle is one of the nominees for the Elsa Awards 2015; awarded Best Promoter by the International Song Festival 2015 and received a recognition for Advertising and Promotion by the St. Judes Children Hospital in Miami 2017. The Gallery is proud to have her in the Team.

Daniela Restrepo Quiceno

Social Media Promoter

At just 25 years of age, this young entrepreneur has excelled in the world of communications, specifically in the artistic field. Thanks to her communicative skills and extensive knowledge of the art community she has managed to discover new opportunities and a real connection with the public.

She currently manages professionally the profiles, pages and social networks of renowned companies such as the JCepeda Gallery in Pereira, Colombia and the Ralwins Art Gallery in Georgia; United States.  Her interest in art has also led her to represent the well-known plastic artist JC Cepeda and to promote exhibitors in the category of Spectrum Miami Art Fair.

Erika Duran

Social Media Promoter

A go-getter, bilingual in English/Spanish,  a professional problem solver who brings over 10 years of business administration, customer service and sales experience from New York City. She is our main coordinator for live events, specializing in art fairs, keeping everything running smooth, organized and on schedule.

Education: Monroe College & Westchester Community College

Working: Sampo International & Ralwins Art Gallery.


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